The Power of Creating a Mental Movie to Achieve Your Goals

We all have something in life (or work) that we want to achieve. Most of the time we don’t know how to go about achieving these goals. Often when we do know how to go about achieving them we just allow ourselves to fail by simply giving up with lack of effort and a self-defeating attitude. Creating a mental movie can increase your chances of success as it is a creative and simple way to program your mind and overcome lack of confidence and limiting beliefs that do not serve you.

A mental movie is a creative visualization technique used by Neuro Linguistic Practitioners to help clients reprogram their mind to overcome fears or phobias, heal past traumas or to achieve work or life goals. If you know the goal you want to achieve then you can take advantage of this powerful tool to help you create a successful outcome. Many of today’s new thought leaders encourage us and suggest techniques to help co-create and manifest these goals which have similar foundations. Self-hypnosis is another key strategy to help accomplish these goals by potentizing your visualizations and mental movie while in a hypnotic state of mind.

Keys steps are:

Step 1: Decide your goal.

It is essential that you can identify the goal you want to achieve and gain as much clarity as possible. Write it down.


Step 2: Create a blueprint.

You know the endpoint; the goal. It is important that you create a blueprint describing the exact shifts you want to make and the outcomes. For it to be useful and generate a successful outcome it must:

  • Use all five senses;
  • Be very descriptive; and
  • Be written in the present tense
  • Tap into the emotions of how you will feel when you have accomplished your goal


For example, if your goal is to become more confident in social situations your blueprint might look like this:

I am at a party for a colleague’s birthday. The room is brightly lit with music playing. There are red, blue, yellow and green balloons everywhere. I can hear people talking and laughing. I am standing in the center of a group of colleagues talking about a movie.

Everyone is listening. They are smiling at me and I feel happy. The beat of the music pulses through me making me feel invigorated. I feel comfortable talking, sharing and listening with others. I am smiling at how comfortable I feel and delight in this sensation.

You can include different scenes, just like in a real movie. So, change the situations to include any that are important in helping you to create the movie of the life you desire.


Step 3: Relax

It is important to relax and focus on emotions that match the outcomes of your goal as this is how you will get your subconscious mind to open up and be receptive to your mental movie.

Now, for the mind rehearsal- Find somewhere comfortable. Close your eyes. Tense every muscle in your body and then release. Repeat twice more. Next, breathe in deeply through your nose to a count of five and out through your mouth to a count of eight. Repeat this three times or until you feel relaxed. You might want to play some soft music or brain- entrainment music to slow your brain waves down.


Step 4: Play your movie in your mind’s eye

This is where the mental programming takes place. You play your mental movie visualizing you living and experiencing the joy of accomplishing the goal you set. It is important that your movie is played as if you are living it now.


Step 5: Match the emotion to the goal and outcome of how you (will) feel

Match the emotion to the goal and outcome of how you (will) feel when you have successfully achieved your goal and make sure to rehearse this in present tense. Feel the emotions, experience the sights and sounds. Don’t forget to include all your senses to make the experience feel real.

To make sure that your new mental program is fully installed, repeat steps 3 -5 every day for 30 days for the best effect. Some people even record their movie and play it while in a relaxed state of mind.

Remember this mantra from Napoleon Hill –

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”


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