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I am deeply intrigued by Soul Journeys Regression (SJR) work due to its potential for profound and transformative experiences across physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Through SJR, individuals can gain invaluable insights into the eternal nature of their soul and uncover their unique purpose for this current incarnation. This aspect of exploration is often referred to as Pre-birth planning or one’s Soul Blueprint.

There’s a divine sense of humor in that the Soul Blueprint remains shrouded behind the spiritual doors of amnesia as we incarnate into physical form! However, the journey into Soul Journeys Regression allows us to unlock the secrets behind our free will choices and how they interweave to create the intricate tapestry of life.

In this sacred realm of exploration, we come to understand our Soul’s purpose, the Soul Contracts we have for this lifetime, and the karmic growth opportunities that shape our experiences. It is a profoundly enlightening process that can lead to a spiritual awakening, as we catch glimpses of the pure energy state commonly referred to as Universal Consciousness or God-Source soul state.

The value of Soul Journeys Regression lies not only in the profound insights it provides but also in its potential for personal transformation and healing. By tapping into this deeper realm of understanding through expanded states of awareness, individuals can align more consciously with their life’s purpose and make informed choices that support their spiritual growth and fulfillment.

Overall, the exploration of Soul Journeys Regression holds immense potential for individuals to connect with the essence of their souls, gain profound insights, and embark on a journey of self-discovery that transcends the limitations of our physical existence. It is a powerful and sacred process that can lead to profound transformation and spiritual awakening.

I love how Robert Schwartz, a leader in this area of Soul exploration, describes the value of a life-between-lives experience:

“We are here to integrate into the whole of our Being and in so doing heal the remnants of all unintegrated energies from all our lives, both physical and nonphysical….

Our experience of life is not determined by our life plan but rather by how we respond to that plan. Our responses—our thoughts, words, and actions in every moment—create our experience and potentially our healing.

As we heal and learn life’s underlying lessons in a conscious manner, challenges that were planned as potentials in our lives either never manifest or occur in a gentler form.”

Dr. Michael Newton is credited with exploring this Life-Between-Lives frontier of consciousness and shares the remarkable experiences of thousands of clients in his highly acclaimed books. He describes the essence of our soul signature as emanating in that juncture of where matter intersects with one’s essence of light and color- the pure energy state. This energy signature is how most people describe the familiar souls they greet on the other side of the veil in the Inter-life.

Benefits from a Soul Journeys Regression:

These are some of the benefits that people share from their experiences from a Soul Journeys Regression:​

A significant spiritual awakening is currently taking place in our world. My personal and profound journey of connecting to the state of oneness or unity consciousness has played a pivotal role in reshaping the focus of my hypnotherapy practice. My mission now is to assist you in remembering that, as an embodied soul, you hold a unique Soul Purpose and a Soul Blueprint that acts as your GPS system for spiritual evolution in this lifetime. It is my privilege to serve as your facilitator on this sacred Soul Journey, guiding you to embrace the dance within the Cosmos.

  • Experience an opportunity to recall the divine nature of your soul.
  • Release fear around the specter of death and the afterlife.
  • Gain an understanding of any past lives affecting your current life.
  • Gain an understanding of your soul’s purpose.
  • Discover your Soul Tribe.
  • Gain an understanding of one’s significant relationships.
  • Meet Your Spirit Guides.
  • Explore Pre-Birth choices and challenges for soul growth.
  • Gain a higher perspective about pivotal life circumstances.
  • Lovingly receive acknowledgment of your Soul’s progress.
  • Potential energetic healing on the physical, emotional, or spiritual level.
  • Profoundly shift your paradigm of understanding.

“To Touch the soul of another human being is to walk on sacred ground.”

~ Steven Covey

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