Self-Study Series

Living with Purpose: 30 Day Alignment Reset

Absolutely no cost to you!

  • • Discover what it means to Live With Purpose
  • • Learn why it is Important to Find Your Purpose
  • • Gain clarity about Your Purpose
  • • Realize connection between Purpose and Happiness
  • • and Much more!

Thriving Mind: Finding Balance

A Total Value of $797!

  • • Would you like to add more time to your day?
  • • Would you like to minimize your stress?
  • • Would you like to just slow down?
  • • Spend more time on the things that you truly enjoy.
  • • Powerful Bonus Gifts

Transitioning Through Change

A Total Value of $997!

  • • STOP fighting the Changes in your Life.
  • • Magically Transform the Chaos in your life.
  • • Turn Overwhelm into Exciting New Possibilities
  • • Powerful Bonus Gifts

Lighting Your Fire

A Total Value of $797!

  • • Have you ever started a project, only to watch it fizzle out after a couple of weeks?
  • • Have you ever lost motivation and fallen short on a goal that once felt exciting?
  • • Have you ever felt discouraged, disheartened, or defeated?
  • • and Much more!
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