Clinical Hypnotherapy

I fell in love with hypnotherapy because it is a skill that incorporates my 30+ years of studying mind-body medicine and gave me a potent, transformational tool to help clients create powerful shifts by capitalizing on the power of their mind.

I believe that when we tap into the deepest levels of our mind, and open the channels to our higher-self, we’re able to connect to the divine healing wisdom of the universe. This is where we access our highest wisdom and can find all the answers to those burning meaning of life questions, along with our healing potentials and possibilities. These potentials for personal growth, mind expansion and spiritual enlightenment are miraculous and limitless.

Hypnosis is described as a natural and yet altered state of mind or a natural state of being. It’s best known as a process to enhance goal achievement, to enhance motivation or change, personal or spiritual growth, and/or to assist clients to release problems and their causes… the hypnotherapist knows how to solicit the subconscious mind to reveal the causes in order to facilitate release and relearning… and resolution. (Roy Hunter’s modified definition of hypnotherapy). I describe Hypnotherapy as a solution or goal-oriented process in which we by-pass the conscious mind so it fades into the background to enhance communication with our subconscious and superconscious minds that hold the keys for transformation. 

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Soul Coach, I consider it a privilege to be the master facilitator, where I guide clients to discover their own answers from their higher-self wisdom. The true self or Soulful self can be found by looking inward rather than trying to find all the answers from outward sources. One’s potential can then be maximized by amending and reframing maladaptive beliefs and behaviors to assist in transforming one’s life. A client simply brings a willingness to engage in the hypnotherapeutic process, and a strong desire to reach and successfully achieve their goals for general mind-body-emotional-spiritual wellness and for their desired healthy behaviors.


“Like an iceberg, the biggest part of you - your soul - is hidden beneath the surface. It exerts its influence silently, yet it affects every single thing you do. It gives you your individuality, your personality, and your ability for abstract thought.”

- Ainslie MacLeod​

The Conscious Mind

The tip of the iceberg

The Subconscious Mind

The mind of the body below the surface

The Superconscious Mind

The seat of the soul below the surface which connects to Source

Hypnotherapy Iceberg Model

We experience awareness of our environment through our rational, logical mind that we refer to as the Conscious mind. Consciousness is not a material thing but rather functions to gather information from our outside world using our 5 senses, and sends this information to the brain to be stored for reference. Information goes through a cataloging process to be filtered, evaluated, analyzed and sorted much like a filing system.

The Subconscious mind regulates and controls the involuntary functions of the body and also gathers information but does not analyze; it just either accepts or rejects information. And yet, this is the driving force because it holds onto all of our beliefs, emotional patterns, and the imprints and impressions and resulting behaviors that we have accumulated throughout our lifetime, particularly in our formative years. These are the aspects of the mind that comprise the vastly submerged characteristics of every single experience that contributes to your personality and ego.

The Superconscious mind is that place within the quantum field, the divine universal intelligence, where our higher-self or Soulful self, opens the gateways of communication with the subconscious and conscious minds. True alchemy occurs when we open these deep connections and gain higher understanding of our human experiences.

Praise for Gretchen and from Robin Davison

“I have been practicing Clinical Hypnosis and energy modalities for over 15 years, so it was a pleasure to be on the receiving end with Gretchen doing hypnotherapy on me! She is an incredibly skilled practitioner and healer, a wonderful listener, and offers very insightful guidance. She has my highest recommendation as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Soul Coach. “

Robin Davison CCHt, LBL Therapist

Gretchen is the most skilled Medical Hypnotherapist that I’ve known in my life. She takes the time to get to know her clients really well and gives them the BEST therapy for that situation. She makes a huge difference in our world. Thank you sooo much for everything you did for me!!”

Daniela Schūbert Feng Shui Consultant, Germany

Praise for Gretchen and from Mary Ann Michaels

“My customized hypnosis CD absolutely allows me to get a full nights rest and with “dreams” after suffering from insomnia. My hypnotherapy sessions are peeling back deep-rooted beliefs that are (were) holding me back from reaching my potential. I highly recommend Gretchen’s hypnotherapy techniques and her individualized approach for each issue and client. “

Mary Ann Michaels Fountain Hills, AZ

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