28 Day Programs

Let Your Soul Shine

A Total Value of $797!

  • • Do you know who you are and why you are here?
  • • Do you know what your mission in life is?Would you like to minimize your stress?
  • • Are you aware of daily guidance from your soul?
  • • Do you feel something is missing from your life?
  • • Are you ready to discover your authentic self?
  • • Learn the answers to even more questions

Thriving Body

A Total Value of $797!

  • • Activate powerful cellular rebalancing of your body.
  • • Realize why you were born with your specific body.
  • • Align your body with your life purpose.
  • • Uncover the spiritual lessons you’re receiving from your body in this lifetime.
  • • Learn the mystical correlation between your body and your life.
  • • Understand how clutter clearing can heal health challenges.
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